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Mammy Jamia’s is a wonderfully delicious range of unique, award-winning products.

Newly launched in Waitrose, our dressings are so versatile and can be used as a dress, dip or marinade. We have launched 3 unusual flavours – Balsamic and Strawberry, Plum and Ginger, and Balsamic and Fig – each with their own distinct qualities.

Our Balsamic and Strawberry dressing is the perfect fruity combination. The strawberries are enhanced by the balsamic vinegar and are perfect to use on a feta salad, as well as a marinade for chicken and steak.

Meanwhile, the Balsamic and Fig dressing is a sweet yet punchy dressing that’s perfect as an accompaniment to a whole host of dishes, whether that’s cheeses, meats, salads or roasted vegetables.

Our Asian inspired Plum and Ginger dressing is just the right fit for a dish of salmon and duck. It also works brilliantly as a stir-fry sauce.

Inspired by a family recipe, all of our dressings and jams are lovingly made to a very high standard with each flavour receiving the same care and passion that Mammy Jamia’s was originally made to by Mammy Jamia herself.

Our preserves are perfect spread on hot buttery toast for breakfast in the morning. Delicious dolloped on warmed scones with clotted cream, as a fruity topping to Greek yogurt or spread thickly between a freshly baked Victoria sponge.