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Get figgy this Christmas with award winning Fig Preserve

fig preserve

Our award winning Fig Preserve is a stunning sweet and sticky jam inspired by a family recipe.

The delightful preserve wowed judges in the prestigious Great Taste Awards and won a Gold star. The judges said: “Mammy Jamia’s Fig Preserve has a very nice colour and alluring aroma. It’s a simple preserve that starts gently and creeps up on you.”

It is perfect served on hot buttery toast, with cheese, stirred into porridge or yoghurt, or can even be used to make homemade fig tarts – a change from traditional mince pies this Christmas.

Mammy Jamia’s Fig Preserve costs £2.39 for a 340g jar and is available in Waitrose, Booths and Ocado.

Fig facts

  • Figs appear in the earliest recorded history with mentions in the Bible and other ancient writings. They were a staple food of both rich and poor.
  • Figs are rich in calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin C, are high in fibre and have the highest overall mineral content of all common fruits.
  • According to Roman myth, the wolf that nurtured the twin founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, rested under a fig tree.
  • Cleopatra ended her life with an asp bought to her in a basket of figs