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Meet Sophie

Meet Sophie Cairns, our secret baker who’s behind the yummy recipes created by Mammy Jamia’s! Here, Sophie talks about her inspirations and how she juggles developing new products and recipes with caring for her little girl, Elsie (who’s also a dab hand!)

Sophie, where does your love of cooking come from?

Well I developed a love for cooking from a very young age. Many years were spent baking in the kitchen with my Grandma and growing up, I have always been around food. I love cooking for family and friends and experimenting with our products, as well as developing new ones!

So what are your current favourite recipes?

Ooh it’s a tough choice! At the moment, it would have to be the warm goats cheese salad. I’m also really enjoying putting together some ideas for summer salads with each of the different dressings at the moment, too!

You are also mum to a little girl Elsie. How do you fit it all in?!

Kitchen Aid! Haha well I’m always baking when my daughter’s at school, but when she comes home at tea time she loves to help me in the kitchen. The recipes are really simple though – you only need a few simple ingredients so they are easy enough for Elsie to help with. My daughter definitely shares my passion for food!