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Overheard in the Kitchen

The buying team at Sainsbury’s told us we had a “fantastic range of products”

Tesco buyers said they were excited about selling our “great range of products in their stores”

Masterchef’s John Tarode said “Mammy Jamia’s Rhubarb Preserve is fantastic on toast or in a Victoria sponge. The pear and fig preserves are great too.”

Sunday Express’ ‘S’ Magazine said: “The ingredients in Mammy Jamia’s new dressings may sound unusual (Balsamic & Strawberry, anyone?), but the flavours really work on salads and as dips or marinades.”

VOGUE described the preserves as “delightful”

The Sunday Times said of our Rhubarb preserve – “the big middle-class obsession, to be eaten with everything – the best one is by Mammy Jamia’s”.